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LGTS is reliable, trustworthy, stable and solid world's most advanced GPS OBDII Tracking Plug&Play, Digtal Maps,LPWebStore E-shop, WebSite solution provider.
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-Top quality products

-Best customer service

-World's most advanced GPS OBDII Plug&Play solution

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is professional staff with many years experience, high level skills and knowledge

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"LGTS reliable, fast and most importantly cost effective way of tracking any size fleet of vehicles"

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"Reliable, Trustworthy, Stable, Solid solution quality products and service"

customer from Kenya about LGTS

"Excellent quality service and products"

customer from Belgium about LGTS

"Most Valued supplier we have"

customer from Brazil about LGTS

"..offer top-notch quality, service and rates"

customer from Panama about LGTS

"GPS OBDII tracker installed by self what was simple and easy"

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"Very good item. Fits perfectly."

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"Perfect seller! outstanding contact!"

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Products & Service line




Support and Sales

OBDII GPS Tracking video solution presentation

GPS tracking device


Device connects directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, requiring no installation. Unpack, plug-in, get started

GPS Tracking Service

World's most advanced GPS OBDII Plug and Play solution

Special service for GPS OBDII CAN-BUS Plug&Play tracker

Digital Maps

Advanced Digital maps WebMap and WX-maps

Special high detailed maps for GPS tracking service

LPWebStore E-shop

Creation, Customization, Hosting

Advanced Internet E-shop and Website creation, customization, hosting cutting edge-service

OBDII Tracker installation

Easy, safe, fast device locator installation. Device connects directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, requiring no installation. No additional cables required unless Y-cable is used for concealed installation/additional OBD-II port access

Device detection event

Online WebMap

Advanced and detailed Online Map, English Interface

Mulit language interface

Web based multi windows interface English,Spanish,Portuguese,Polish

Online tracking in real time

Multi-Windows-Oberfläche mit digitalen Web-Map und WX-Karten

History Track Playback

Track line visualisation and point table

Fuel level+Engine Rotation+Speed*

Daily graphics report

Max,Average,Min fuel consumption

Graphics report

Speed Segment Data

Driving optimization report

Mileage,Idling,Fuel consumption

Driving optimization report

Trips Data

Start and Stop time, Address, Trip time, Mileage


Advanced Table report

Vehicle DTC diagnostics report*

Faulty no. and description for passenger car and trucks*


Alarmes event table, 18 types

Trace location point Data

Trace location point and engine data info

CO2, NO2 Emission

Environmental ECOlogy report

Maintenance Reminder

Expiration maintenance, insurance time report

Driving Statistic

Mileage,Ignition,Idle,Run,Stop,Max speed

Driving Behaviour charts

Driving behaviour Score for UBI Telematics PHYD

Driving Behaviour table

Driving behaviour Score for UBI Telematics PHYD

Export location trace points

Google Earth,Digital Maps,Excel

Protection alarm and Immobilization**

Protection alarm and optional ACC fuel/ignition cut**

Communication to user

Message communication to single or group e-drive user

Navigation integration

Optional for some country

Wireless Immobilization**

Optional feature only for Tracker with IMMO Black Box**

Personal tracking software locator

Low cost Employers, Children, Seniors localization

Android Software change Smartphone/Tablet to GPS tracer(locator)


Reltime location,Driving Score, Reports, Online caoching, E-Call, B-call


Online realtime location,track playback


Diagnostic faulty no.  for passenger car and trucks*


Vehicle Protection: protection voice, text, vibration alarm


Reminder: Insurance, maintenance service reminder


Message Communication: center to user tools


Online Coaching and Message:Insurance Telematics UBI tools


Online WebMap, English Interface

Fast and detailed Online Map, Polish interface

Online WebMap, Spanish Interface

Fast and detailed Online Map, multilanguage

Online WebMap,Portuguese Interface

Fast and detailed Online Map

Online WebMap3DbT

Fast and detailed Online Map

Products line

GPS Trackers, GPS Tracking Service, Digital maps, E-Shop


Advanced GPS OBDII Plug&Play locator,device connects directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, requiring no installation


Advanced GPS Tracker

APKTracker 1.0

Android APK change smartphone to GPS tracker, dedicated for personal tracking

Website based GPS location Service, mulitlanguage language

VTAGS 2.0E WebPlatform for LGTS's locator

Android GPS localization service

Android e-drive user service for LGTS's tracker

OBDII Cable for GPS OBDII Locator

Y-cable is used for concealed installation/additional OBDII port access

E-shop Service

Design,Implementation,Server Hosting for professional Internet Shop

Website Service

Design,Implementation, Server Hosting for professional Internet WebSite

WebStore link

On-line E-shop LGTS

GPS Tracker/locator and Tracking Service


Contact Formula


  • HQ Address: Szczecin, Poland
  • Phone: +48-22 213 95 35
  • Fax: +48-22 213 95 34
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • LGTS Group Jolanta Prażmo II Pułku Ułanów 1/1 72-320 Trzebiatów NIP:8571210864 REGON:320197087